Parenting is really very challenging as kids are becoming real smart and there’s no denying that social media dangers are a real issue. If you want to know what your children are upto, then you must keep your eye on them. It may be really very difficult to check what your kid is up to, but with growing technology, you can easily get to know what they are doing without even letting them know. This is important because your children may feel bad about it if they come to know that their parents are spying on them and this could finally lead to a troubled relationship with your children. So, spying without their knowledge is what you need.

How can you spy on your children?

Checking phones, spy on text messages. Checking your child’s mobile is one of the easiest ways to know their secret. When your child is not around, you can check his/her phones and you can be very sure that you will find information that you are looking for. You should always play safe and you should always check whether they are around or not. Also, you must know the passcode to unlock the device.

Use apps: The best way to spy on your children is to install phone spy apps which can actually let you know what your children doing. Many phone spy app offer softwares/applications that you need to download on both your and your child’s phones and you will easily get to know everything that you need to know about your child’s activities. These phone spy app will help you to monitor your child. You will able to spy text messages, get to know who your children call, what apps they use, their contacts and what data/images are they transferring. If you are protective and don’t want your children sharing their photos, then you can use apps that will not let them share any photos/ selectively share images. There are different apps for android and iOS users. So, you should do a little bit of ground research to know which app will work best.

Check their PCs: Many children keep and share vital information via PCs. So, apart from checking their phones, you should also check your child’s PC or laptop when you are planning to spy on them and keep a track of all their activities. If the laptop or PC is password protected, then you must acquire the password cleverly, so that you can open and check it easily without your child knowing that you are snooping about.

If you can maintain a friendly relationship with your child, you may never have to spy on your children as they will be forthcoming about what exactly they are up to. However, if you are still anxious and want to protect your child and make sure that they are safe and not doing anything wrong/illegal, you can start checking their activity with the help of phone spy app. These services like mSpy or Flexispy (check out this mSpy review are very easily available now a days and all you need to do is find the right service for yourself and keep a track of all activities.